Oliver Twist Exercices Key

Possible answers: 

1-) 1. is, 2. has, 3. lives, 4. are, 5. goes, 6.meets, 7.teaches, 8. catch, 9. send, 10. adopts.

2-) Oliver H, Mr Bumble G, Sauerberry F, Fagin D, Dodger C, Nancy B, Mr. Brunlow A, Miss Bedwin E, Bill Sikes I.

3-) 1. a family, 2. steal, 3. help Oliver, 4. wants to kill.

POSTER. Oliver Twist, Age: 12. Height: 1.60, Hair: blond, Eyes: green, Was last seen wearing: brown trousers, grey shirt, no shoes, Wanted in connection with: stealing some books with Dodger. Reward: 1000 gold coins.

4-) soft-hearted: dolça, amable; thief: lladre, undertaker: enterramorts; workhouse: magatzem; kind-hearted: bona persona; housekeeper: assistenta domèstica; beadle:bedel; lover: amant.

5-) A-8, B-4, C-1, D-11, E-6, F-5, G-12, H-2, I-10, J-9, K-7, L-3

6-) 1. it is very human, 2. Oliver because he is very brave, 3. Bill because he is very violent, 4. Bill kills Nancy, 5. Oliver says goodbye to Fagin, 6. to see this movie because it is excellent.

VOCABULARY: Oliver: good, brave, kind. Mr Brownlow: Helpful, generous, rich. Dodger: clever, funny, lively. Bill Sikes: cruel, violent, bad. Nancy: sexy, motherly, nice. Fagin: mean, old, dirty. Mrs Maylie: kind-hearted, hard-working, shy.