What’s the time, please?

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School Subjects


It’s a high level activity!


Down: 1. Physical Education; 2. Religious Education; 3. Assisted Study; 4. Geography; 6. Portuguese; 10. Science.

Across: 6. Physics and Chemistry; 7. History; 8. Art; 9. English; 11. Music; 12. Maths; 13. French; 14. Civic Education.

Unit 4 School Rules

The main points we will study in this unit are:

Aquests són els principals continguts de la Unit 4 que entren a l’examen

Textbook exercices online

Unit 4 School Rules

GRAMMAR: Present Simple (affirmative), Object pronouns (me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them), Can, The Time.                                                                            

VOCABULARY: School subjects, Every day routines.