Writing 1 – An email

Aquí teniu el model de writing de la unit 1: An email

Dear …,

How are you? I am … My name is … and I am 12 years old. I am from … I have … hair and … eyes.

I live with my …, How many people are in your family?

I like … I am a … fan. My favourite … are…Who is your favourite …?

Write soon,



Dictation 2 – transcript –

Verb to be – Presentation

My name is Alexander. I am twelve years old. I am from Columbia, in the USA. I am American. Mathew is my brother. How old is he? He is fourteen. Liz is my sister. How old is she? She is sixteen. We are students. We aren’t  good at music. We are good at sports. Our favourite hobbies are football and skateboarding. Liz is interested in films, Mathew and I are interested in animals. What are you interested in?